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Here's a funny thing.

I've written songs since I was ten years old, learned guitar from my dad when I was twelve, but never told anyone about my music until I was eighteen. My high school friends had no idea I wrote songs or even sang until I got to college. It took me a long time to realize and believe that I have something worth sharing with other people, and my time in college set me on a definitive path towards writing and producing music.


It's what works for me.

I'm not classically trained in music at all, and the way I talk about my work is only based on what I've experienced and what feels right to me. I'm fascinated by music theory, modes, and fancy chords, but I've found that letting go of all the rules allows me to create music that embodies a specific, raw emotion. However, I will go through phases where all I do is learn and absorb different techniques and styles of creating music, which challenges me to become a better artist with every new project.

I just really love making things.

Since I was really little, I've been OBSESSED with putting together collections of my work, whether it was a book I wrote, a portfolio full of drawings and sketches, and now a website covering every detail, instrument, and thought behind an album. I wanted to create a space where I can just ramble on and on about what my process looks like, and to encourage everyone to just do the thing! No matter what it is, and no matter what it looks like, just go after it and do it your way.


A little shout out to the old me.


The best part about this whole thing though is - I have no idea what I'm doing, and every day I'm learning to love that. One of the reasons I didn't share my music with anyone earlier was because I didn't have all the answers. I was so uncomfortable letting people see my work because I had this underlying feeling that I was doing it wrong. Well, if I could go back and talk to that version of me, I'd say there's no such thing as "doing it wrong." The only wrong thing you can do is not give yourself a chance to see what kind of impact you can make by doing something you truly love.

Sounds and colors are the same.

I've been drawing since I could pick up crayons, and visual art has always played a huge part of music making for me. In the past, it's helped me to draw a picture of a character or a scene where a song takes place to finish it. Studying animation at art school also taught me many design principles that can be directly applied to music as well; this includes timing, rhythm, consistency, and variation. I'd find myself sitting in color theory learning music theory since my brain assigns feelings to colors just the same as it does to notes and chords.

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My Document (2).JPG

Planning the Strangers EP in characters for each song

September Wild album cover

This Is Where It Ends album cover speedpaint

Random iPad sketch

Strangers album cover speedpaint



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